Thursday, August 12, 2010

Updatery of a random sort

I don't care what other people say, there's still room for decent zombie stories out there.


Batman has a new costume design once again, now that's he's back from romping around with Professor Peabody or whatever happened while he was lost in time (I really don't like the time traveling stories [paradox!]). As to the costume, I like it. It's got those little seam threads that give it the look of actual fabric. Little touches like that are what I also like about Stephanie Brown's Batgirl costume.

As if thirty-seven simultaneous Batman titles weren't enough, Grant Morrison is spearheading a new one called Batman Inc. in which Batman franchises himself. It just... really seems like this is jumping the shark, to me.


Following up on an old post for anyone who was interested, it looks like Iranian filmmaker Kiana Firouz was eventually granted asylum in the UK. Awesome.


One of our P90-X discs is completely jacked. The first one, the one you kickstart with, to which I have now cycled back around. It might have something to do with the fact that the disc set comes in a lacquered cardboard sleeve with beveled edges designed for scratching the discs as you put them back in.

I was watching The Big Lebowski last weekend. I got distracted by chores and phone calls and eventually gave up on it, but I didn't realize until yesterday that I missed my favorite scene where Walter freaks out on that kid. Well, it's a tie between that one and the nihilists with the ferret.

That's all I've got. Life is otherwise routine.

Do you see what happens, Larry?

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