Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In which I am at odds with nature

Bleaaughh... allergy season must be starting. I'm stuffy and making noises only a warthog should make. Attractive, right? I may need to ride the white Benedryl pony tonight. And in the ten minutes it took to wrote this post, I'm suddenly clear as a bell. What the fff-- weird, but I'm not complaining.

In other Tales of a City Girl Working in the Boondocks, I killed a spider as big as a rat in my office this morning. I guess you could say it was a welcome distraction from the bee nest near the front door.

Now, have some links!

Thanks to my buddy Jon, I have discovered the awesomeness that is Mouse Guard.

This book has tons of FB fans but only because of the title/meme crossover. No one seems to care about the actual book, which is a little sad. By a weird coincidence, "shut up I'm talking" is a current favorite in the parlance of Casa de Hildebrand.

"Muslims in my Monitor" Saladin Ahmed on the depictions of Muslims in video games, over at Escapist. Good food for thought.

Are you like me? Do you fangirl over Marlee Matlin? You should follow her Twitter because she's awesome. (You should know that she's awesome by now.)(I'm not endorsing Twitter, but then again I kind've suck at it.)

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